Individual Learning and Development



We believe strongly in Continuous Personal Development (CPD) this means that learners take responsibility for their own learning and as such our CPD is linked to empowerment. We believe knowledge is power and it is never wasted.

Our Learning Delivery Methods

The way we deliver our learning means that the time constraints and the inflexibility of face-to-face education under the ‘bricks and mortar’ approach are minimised.

Our learning is structured around Distance, Open and e-Learning through a Virtual Learning Environment [VLE backed by interactive materials and well qualified tutors. Independent learning is structured via our VLE to create an action-oriented approach to learning.

The structure of our Distance, Open and e-Learning delivery is as follows:

  • Activity-based learning.
  • Structure inputs with scope for innovation and creativity.
  • Critical thinking and reflection.
  • Digestive elements [bites] of learning.
  • Rigorous and holistic learning materials and resources.
  • Subject specialists.
  • Additional face-to-face seminars can occur.